Lee Hung Scientific Pte Ltd - supply and distribution of Scientific and Laboratory Equipments, Paint and Coating Testing Equipments, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Monitoring Instruments and Geotechnical Instruments,Equipment and systems calibrations,Service and repair of scientific equipments,On the spot demonstration and training,Laboratory consultation for turnkey solutions,Laboratory set-up, custom design and installation of laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and equipments


We aim to be the premier partner in providing quality
scientific instrumentation and environmental monitoring solutions.


Scientific Laboratory Instruments

  • Food Testing
  • General Scientific
  • Material Research
  • Paint & Coating
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Lab Furniture & Fumehood Systems

  • Customized Lab Furniture
  • Fumehood System
  • Lab Fittings
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  • Real Time Noise Monitoring System
  • Wireless Vibration Monitoring System
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Narda Discount Promotion

Up to 25% discount! The EMF packages for everyone and the environment.

The Invisible Disease 1 - Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic Fields is a form of non-ionizing radiation consisting of Electric and Magnetic Fields. How is this fields a form of Invisible Disease and can we protect ourselves?

How does your Food Feel? The Flavor of Texture.

What other than taste is important for your food product to be classified as Gold Standard? Read on to find out more!

EMF: Selective Band VS Wideband Measuring

What are the advantages of Selective Measure Devices compared with Wideband Measuring Devices?

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