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Mini-Seis III Vibration Monitor

  • Features


The Mini-Seis III™ is our next generation seismograph.  With this instrument we move into a higher level of engineering vibration monitoring.  While still well suited for blast vibration monitoring, the Mini-Seis III™ is readily adaptable to many other monitoring situations.  Especially continuous vibration where histogram and waveform data can be combined. 


It supports USB for data transfer to a computer and thumb drive.  It has over 500 MB of memory and can store over 1000 waveform records.  It has an easy-to-read display and is designed for low power.



The Mini-Seis is ideal for monitoring vibrations from the following sources:

  • all types of commercial blasting
  • building implosions
  • seismic exploration
  • pile driving
  • hoe ramming
  • heavy equipment
  • ordinance destruction




  • Sampling rates from 1024 to 4096 over 4 channels, rates of 8192, 16384 and 65536 are in development
  • Waveform duration from 1 to 120 seconds over all sample rates
  • Selectable 16 or 12 bit resolution when retrieving data
  • Memory storage for over one thousand waveform and histogram records
  • Direct data retrieval via USB and/or USB thumb drive
  • Serial baud rates up to 230400
  • External printing option
  • Remote access with approved cellular modem
  • Waveform, Histogram, Histogram/Waveform and Manual operating modes
  • Special sensitivity options
  • A weighted sound option


Downhole Sensor Package

We offer a downhole sensor package for special needs. The package is sealed and is designed to fit inside a standard PVC pipe for easy installation



 Channels                                      Three (3) seismic and (1) acoustic channels standard. Optional 8 channel
                                                         upgrade (not yet available.) 
Seismic (tri-axial geophone package)
  Range                                           Standard 260 mm/s (10.24 in/s) . Other ranges are available. 
  Resolution                                    0.008 mm/s (0.0003 in/s). 
  Frequency Range (ISEE)          Varies with sample rate, from 2 to 250 Hz at 1024 samples/s. 
  Frequency Range (DIN)            From 1 to 315 Hz at 2048 samples/s. 
  Accuracy (ISEE)                          2 to 250 Hz (minimum 1025 sample rate needed). 
                                                         Conforms with the ISEE Performance Specifications for Blasting
  Accuracy (DIN)                            DIN 45669-1 Standard. 
  Transducer Density                   Approximately 2.01 g/cc (1.25 lb./ft3) . 
  Weighting                                      Linear Weighting or A Weighting when hardware is present. 
  Linear Range                               58 to 148 dBL (512 Pa, 5.12 Mb, 0.074 PSI). 
  Linear Resolution                        0.0156 Pa (0.000156 Mb, 0.00000023 PSI). 
  Linear Frequency Response     Varies with sample rate, from 2 to 250 Hz at 1024 samples/s. 
  Linear Accuracy                           Conforms with ISEE Performance Specifications for Blasting
  A-Weighting Range                     110 or 120 dBA. 
  A-Weighting Resolution              0.1 dBA. 
  Timer                                              Allows an instrument to be active only during selected times on
                                                           a daily basis. 
  Communication                           USB or Serial – serial baud rates from 1200 to 230400. 
  External Data Storage                Write to USB drive. 
  External Printing                          A rechargeable external printer is available as an option. 
  System Log                                   A log is kept in memory to track the active monitoring periods and
                                                          whenever important setup changes are made. 
Modes                                               Waveform, Manual, Auto, Snapshot, Waveform/Histogram. 
  Waveform                                       Standard mode used for blast monitoring and discrete transient event
  Manual                                           Trigger from the keypad or an external switch. Multiple units can be
                                                           chained together and triggered simultaneously. 
  Auto                                                 When triggered, the instrument will continue to record until the levels are
                                                           below the trigger thresholds for some period of time (under development). 
  Snapshot                                       The instrument will trigger and record at user specified intervals
                                                           (under development). 
  Waveform/Histogram                   A histogram is recorded while the instrument is in Waveform Mode
                                                           (under development). 
Sample Rate                                  1024, 2048 and 4096 (rates of 8192, 16384 and 65536 are under
Duration                                          1 to 120 seconds. 
Pre-Trigger                                     1 second at 1024 sample rate. The pre-trigger time decreases proportional
                                                           to the sample rate. 
Minimum Trigger Levels             Seismic - 0.127 mm/sec (0.005 in/s). 
                                                           Acoustic - 88 dBL. 
Records Stored                             Varies depending on the sample rate and duration. The unit can store
                                                           well over 1000 records at a 1024 sample rate and 5 second duration. 
Downtime Between Events        There is no downtime or data loss between events regardless of the
                                                           sample rate or duration. 
Dynamic Sensor Test                  A dynamic sensor test is performed at the end of every event in waveform
                                                           mode. This test will appear in the pre-trigger of continuous events. 
Automatic Sensor Test               The unit will automatically generate a sensor test after a user-specified
                                                           period of inactivity. (Under Development) 
Modes                                              Histogram and Histogram/ Waveform. 
  Histogram                                      Standard mode for recording discrete measurements from continuous
                                                           and semi-continuous sources.  
  Histogram/ Waveform                 A waveform is recorded when one of the trigger thresholds is met or
Sample Interval                             1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 seconds.
Data Stored                                    Channel peaks and their frequencies, also the vector sum.
Records Stored                             Histogram data will vary depending on the sample interval. The unit can
                                                           store many months of data at a 10 second interval.
                                                           The number of waveform records that can be recorded in histogram/
                                                           waveform is only limited by the available memory.
Dynamic Sensor Test                   A dynamic sensor test is performed at the beginning and end of every
Size                                                  Approximately 15cm x 11.5cm x 9cm (6 in. x 4.5 in. x 3.5 in.)
Weight                                             Approximately 1.6kg (3.5 lbs.) without accessories
                                                          Approximately 2.7kg (6 lbs.) with accessories including the storage case 
Battery                                             Internal 6 volt rechargeable   
Display                                            The high contrast graphics display facilitates the instrumrent's setup.
                                                           It also allows the operator to view operating parameters and
                                                           summary data
Keypad                                            The alphanumeric keypad can be used to supply comments and
                                                           setup data
Clock                                                A 24 hour clock maintains the date and time to the second,
                                                           even if the primary power fails 
Operating Time                             With a fully charged battery the unit will operate from 7 to 10 days
                                                          at 1024 samples per second.
                                                          Longer times may be obtained using the timer mode or external
                                                          power from a solar panel or deep cycle battery.
Charging                                         An internal charging circuit allows charging with the supplied
                                                          plug-in wall mount charger or available 10 to 15 volt DC supply.
                                                          Power supplies for international use are available.
Operating Temperature              0 to 130 degrees F (-18 to 54 degrees C)
Timer                                                Allows an instrument to be active only during selected times on
                                                           a daily basis
Communication                             USB or Serial - serial baud rates from 1200 to 230400
Remote Access                             Compatible with any network devide that supports serial or USB
External Data Storage                  Write to USB thumb drive
External Printing                            A rechargeable external printer is available as an option
System Log                                     A log is kept in memory to track the active monitoring periods and
                                                           whenever important Setup changes are made
External Alarm                               Supports attaching a strobe and/ or horn when threshold levels
                                                            are exceeded (optional feature - not yet available)
Integrated GPS                               Saves the latitude and longitude in the event summary and syncs
                                                            the clock (Under Development)