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Sound Level Meter (Wireless Capability Available)

  • Features


The SoundPro™ SE/DL series provides advanced sound level monitoring and comprehensive data analysis. Available in Class 1 and Class 2 models, these instruments feature large screen displays that enable real-time frequency analysis and data storing capabilities. Octave band analysis enables environmental noise monitoring, noise enforcement, and noise control evaluation.







  • ​Accurately measures, documents and displays noise exposures to support hearing conversation
  • Measures against multiple sound level meter standards simultaneously with two virtual meters
  • Octave band analysis capability enables environmental noise monitoring, noise enforcement, and noise control evaluation




  • ​Large displays with menu-driven interface and quick keypad calibration




  • ​Available in Class/ Type 1 and Class/ Type 2 models to accomodate application-specific analysis

  • Removable SD memory card plus optional data logging for enganced post-processing and analysis

  • Compatible with 3M Detection Management Software DMS (optional) for advanced reporting and analysis







  • Parameters                         SPL, LMax, LMin, LPk(peak), LEQ/LAVG, SEL, LN (selectable L1 to L99), TWA,

                                                     Taktm, Taktmx, Dose, PDose, Exposure (Pa2H/Pa2S), LDN, CNEL, PTWA, LC-A

  • Ranges                                120 dB+ (A-weighted) total dynamic measurement range over 8 individual

                                                     ranges of 90 dB (A-weighted) each (with filters - 80 dB ranges);

                                                     overall measurement range 0 dB to 140 dB

  • Peak Range                         Up to 143 dB using standard BK4936 microphone; higher with optional

                                                      microphones and preamps

Logging and Storage
  • Logging                                 DL Models only. LMax, LMin, LPk(peak), LN, LEQ/ LAVG may be logged at

                                                      11 selectable interval from one second to 60 minutes to the included

                                                       SD (secure digital) memory card.

                                                       Use 3M™ Detection Management Software DMS to interpret data files

  • Summary Data                     All session/ study data is stored to the SD card. Summary data may be

                                                      interpreted with 3M™ Detection Management Software DMS, or exported to

                                                      spreadsheet or XML file with an available utility

  • Memory                                   Accepts 32 MB to 32 GB SD memory cards.



Electrical Characteristics


  • Batteries                                  4 disposable AA alkaline cells, typically > 10 hours continuous use without

                                                        backlight (SLM only without filters activated); optional nickel metal hydride

                                                        (NiMH) cells, typically 10+ hours (SLM only)


Physical Characteristics


  • Size                                            3.1" W x 11.1" H x 1.6" thick (with preamp & microphone);

                                                        7.9 cm x 28.2 cm x 4.1 cm  

  • Weight                                       0.54 kg or 1.2 lbs. (including batteries)



3M Detection Software (DMS)      


Designed for dosimetry, sound level measurements, heat stress assessments and environmental monitoring, this advanced software helps safety and occupational professionals:


  • Configure instrumentation and save pre configured setups
  • Retrieve, download, share and panels to intuitively interpret your measurements
  • Create charts, tables and panels to intuitively interpret your measurements 
  • Generate insightful charts and reports
  • Export and share recorded results


The software integrates with 3M™ Detection Solutions data logging instruments and will help you improve both operating efficiency and reporting in acoustics, heat stress and encironmental monitoring.