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Narda Discount Promotion

If you are concerned with safety in electromagnetic fields (EMF) and you want to cover all applications, then we have the right solution for you – for EMF health and safety and environmental protection.


Take advantage of two devices.

For example:

  • The EHP autonomously makes long term measurements on high tension cables
  • While you are evaluating a cellphone base station with the NBM from the balcony of a concerned resident.



Take advantage of two devices.

For example:

  • The NBM autonomously makes long term measurements on a high frequency drying plant
  • While you are assessing switchgear with the ELT.



Both packages flexibly expandable down to 0 Hz and up to 90 GHz

Each package housed in a practical case including accessories



Special prices with up to 25% discount!

This offer is valid until December 31st, 2018.

Contact us at sales@leehung.com for more information now !